samedi 28 juin 2014

Kevin Morane "insomnie" [1986]

(full album !!! very good !!! ultra ultra ultra mega rare lp !!! several good tracks with funky and electro soul rock tunes... and contains an amazing eletro funk song "victime" !!!)


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Jorge Gago a dit…

are not ultra rare
....this is rare :

there is no copy for purchase on the web - and does not appear in discogs


Jorge Gago of Melodiesmagic

Otares a dit…

The copy on discogs is mine !!! As the most of the records of his "artist page".

From 7 years I know that Kevin Morane recorded this album... but the first time I saw a copy was last year... and from several days on marketplace of discogs.

This is not beacause one or 2 copies are for purchase on the web that it means that's not rare !!!

The seller probably don't know that it's a mega rare record !

Most of people thought that Kevin MOrane recorded only one 12inch "banco" & "breakdance"...

GREEK SALAD is on popsike, it means that it was for purchase on the web... so not rare, isn't it ???

MontaigNeden a dit…

Thanks for all these great sounds & your efforts.

Best Regards From Turkey..

Otares a dit…

Many thanks my friend !!!

Jorge Gago a dit…

I did not see that you was the album in Discogs contributor,you are right,apologize for my hasty comment.

No hard feelings :)


Otares a dit…

It's ok Jorge.