mardi 29 avril 2014

Pierre Maizeroi
Pierre Maizeroi (1983) with bonus tracks
For the request from French Boogie Master Otares
includes 2 tracks 1987 as bonus

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Otares a dit…
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Otares a dit…
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Otares a dit…

Many thanks KUNIO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kunio a dit…

Hi! Otares
I'm so glad to help you.
I always enjoy and appreciate your great French collection.
I have the album Pierre Maizeroi - Salsa (1979/2006 Japan Reissue) too.
If you don't have and need it,
please tell me. I will upload it.
PS: I love French music very much, but I can't read and write French language without a dictionary. Je suis désolé.

Otares a dit…

Hi Kunio,

I know the album "salsa", it's a nice album. Thanks.

I'm glad to know that you apreciate french boogie sounds. I still have a lot of sounds that I can share here !!!

For me, in France, there is the most various styles of funk music even if it was a very very very small movment.

But in Japan... musicians, producers and artists are awesome !!! That's genious... a perfect mix between groove and melody... and your records are very very well mixed and mastered !!!!!

Soon... OTARES

PS : we can speak in english ;)

Kunio a dit…

Thanks Otares!
I enjoy your new stuff. Please keep on uploading rare and good sounds in future.
By the way, do you have SOFIE KREMEN - Honeysun EP 1986?
It's not Boogie sound but excellent SADEish French Jazzy Soul Pop. If you not have and interested in it, I will upload it to you.


Otares a dit…

I never heard talking about Sofie Kremen. I'm curious, lol ;)


la Viking de guyane a dit…

whats the password